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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Some Magic

Should I belive in some magic? Why some things happen to us in a different way from others? And we feel like something is happening to us? What kind of surprise could catch us like that! And we can't explain and think: “Ow, it looks like destiny! Amazing!!!” Or anothers fool phrases like these.

It could be because some people look like so especial. So diferent from anothers. And bring us to a tornado of feeling, emotions. What could I say is: “All is on your mind”. Things are like we think they are. If we have a different look for something is because we thought before it must be especial.

But it's nothing compared to what we feel when we trop and face this tornado. Everythin becames confuse and like having no sense. And in the other hand like all life has a significate. Like we was born to that. To live that moment which is so incredible.

At the same time, we accept all these news we also spend hours in a terrible doubt. Reflecting why we should believe in this magic? And just to be more difficult, we have to understand a segund time in magic? A new and different magic again? Excuse me. It's not exactly like that. The really question is: Shoul I believe in some new magic? Or believe that magic is a real thing a segund time?

You say me if it's possible find a segund time the only real import and different people when your found a first time? And how we could go on in life without believe it's possible. So, the logical is that your have to believe that magic includes discover another and second magic in life. New, although you're a new person too. And I make easier. I should believe, and so you, that magic happens again in life. I started.

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